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THOM & The Power of 10

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THOM magazine, a bi-annual publication of Thomasville Center for the Arts, profiles both who and what is inspiring the creative life of our community. Many pages feature Thomasville's forward thinkers and visionaries, but it's not just about Thomasville. It's a compilation of the creative forces within our city and beyond that are driving the creative and innovative thinking that is actively shaping the life of the entire Red Hills Region. It is part guide, part magazine, artfully created by a small powerhouse team of writers, photographers and designers.

In celebration of the 10th issue of THOM (May 2018), let's see the POWER of 10 in action! Your gift of $10, multiplied by the book's broad circulation, can make a huge impact on the creative life of our community and the future of THOM for another 10 issues. And as a donor to the Power of 10 campaign, you will receive a limited edition THOM decal for your business window or car!

Thomasville Center for the Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations made through this campaign are tax-deductible.